Emerald Picks Honest Review – My Story

Welcome to my review of Emerald Picks. My name is Kevin Hasbry and I live in Rochester, Minnesota.

I’ve created this blog to document my experience with EmeraldPicks.com and share with your my results with this service.

Before I start I just want to make it clear that I’m not affiliated with Emerald Picks in any way and I’m not gaining anything from them. No affiliate links here.

My Experience

I’m not a trader, I work as a teacher and I came across Emerald Picks when I was looking for ways to earn some extra income for my family (father of two daughters).

I joined the service in September 2018 and paid for a lifetime account at $1,999. Quite expensive for me at the time but after doing a lot of research it seemed like a legit service with great potential so I saw it as an investment.

I opened an account with the Robinhood app and deposited $1000 to start with. Emerald Picks sends their stock picks every Sunday via email. It is up to you when you wish to buy the stocks but they are chosen because they are expected to increase in value over the coming weeks.

As I mentioned, I was a total beginner and didn’t know the first thing about timing my entries and when it’s a good time to buy.

Thankfully, they include an extremely helpful guide that helped me immensely. In the guide, the include very clear suggested on when to buy and sell a stock. It’s just under 30 pages long but it’s jam-packed with value. It’s the simplest presentation of trading strategies I ever found and I regularly consult it when I need to.

So I began getting their stock picks every Sunday exactly as I advertised. They choose stocks under $10 which is perfect for me since I can’t afford to buy expensive stocks with a small account.

Using the simple methods that I learned through their trading guide I began buying their picks every week.

To be honest I thought it would be harder and more time consuming but it really wasn’t. Since they do all of the work of researching and choosing the best stocks all I really had to do is buy and sell them. This took about 10 minutes of my time per day.

What I would regularly do was to check the week’s recommended stocks every lunch break on my phone and buy a stock when I saw it trading lower, giving me a cheaper price to buy. I would then make the trade and forget about it.

I would often check my stockbroker’s app on my phone to track its progress.

My Results

After 4 months of buying their stock picks quite consistently I can safely say I am blown away by the results.

I was able to grow my $1,000 account into $10,890 as of today January 12, 2019.

As you can see, these guys do extremely good research and they select only the very best stocks. My account is living proof of it.

But beyond just their stock picks, here are the pros and cons of Emerald Picks that I’ve noticed.

The Pros

• Profitability of stock picks (obviously)
As you can see from my results above, their stock picks are top notch. I can tell they spend lots of time in selecting stocks and their team is very experienced. I have consistently earned money by buying their recommendations.

• The level of support (A++)
As a new trader, I was a little afraid of being lost and not knowing what to do. I reached out to their support many times and every time they wrote back very quickly and helped me with whatever I needed. Their team is very friendly and understanding of newbie questions.

• The bonus guide
The guide that they provide as a bonus to their service is so helpful they could easily charge hundreds of dollars for it. Instead, they give it away for free and it’s so useful. I think without it I would probably earn less than half than what I did. If you join make sure to spend the time necessary to read all of it once or twice. You’ll thank yourself later. It’s quite short and very easy to read with lots of examples so you won’t get overwhelmed at all.

The Cons

• The pricing
The membership fees are quite steep for some people. At $1,999 for a lifetime account, it’s quite high priced. However, you really pay for what you get here. I made back what I paid in membership fees in less than I month. Sometimes they offer flash sales where you can join for 20% or 30% off for a day or something like that so I would keep an eye out for those.

• The members area
The members are doesn’t offer a lot of functionality. That’s understandable since their stock picks are always delivered via email so it’s not really a problem. I just think it would be nice to be able to access all of the picks through the site instead of having to look through my emails.

Is it worth it?

After 4 months of using it and having tried a couple of other stock pick services in the meantime, I can safely say that Emerald Picks is absolutely worth the investment.

I have made a lot of money following their stock picks and I’m excited to continue growing in 2019 with them.

I have recommended them to many friends and family members because it just works.

There’s really nothing ‘secret’ or ‘special’ that they promote. What they offer is really well research and selected stocks.

Could you do that by yourself? Absolutely. But it would require probably thousands of hours in experience in order to consistently be profitable in the market.

I just didn’t have this amount of time and I as not willing to invest it.

Emerald Picks is a great way to begin trading and profiting from stocks quickly, without having the ton of experience that you would need if you would set out to do it on your own.

Overall I recommend them to everyone, regardless of your trading experience.

Thank you for reading,

9 thoughts on “Emerald Picks Honest Review – My Story”

  1. Thanks for the review Kevin. I’m considering giving them a try after all the good things I’ve heard so far. One question though, when do you buy the stocks? As I understand they don’t send you buy alerts, you will need to decide on the entry on your own. How does this work?

    1. Hi Alexis. Good question. No, they don’t provide buy alerts. I’ve tried services that send you SMS alerts when they actually buy a stock but I’ve found that by the time you get the text and open your broker the stock has moved way too far from the price they paid for so the trade is profitable for them but not for you. Emerald Picks give you all their picks on Sundays. It’s then up to you when you want to buy them. They provide a guide with a couple of really good strategies on when to buy stocks. I don’t want to give away their info for free of course but it’s basically a quick way to scan the chart of the stock once a day and buy when it reaches certain levels. It takes no more than 10 mins a day to do that for all their picks.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Yes, it’s true. Its a lot of money for beginners but honestly, it’s the best investment I’ve made. You get what you pay for I guess…

  2. +1 from me. Member for almost a year, profitable ever since the beginning. Hope they continue with this momentum in 2019…

    1. As far as I know they accept international customers. It didn’t ask me to specify my country when i signed up. They trade US stocks only but as far as your broker gives you access to the US stock market you’re good to go.

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